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Pool Lifts

Some of the pool lifts we offer include the PAL and SPLASH Lifts from SRSmith, the entire Spectrum Line including the Gallatin (the updated Swim Lift II or Pintlar) and the Lolo and Traveller.


Elkhorn/Econo Lift - The highest quality Swim-Lift at the lowest possible price. The Elkhorn is designed for facilities that have only occasional need for handicapped pool access and are budget conscious. This easy-to-use manual hydraulic lift incorporates our standard non-corrosive stainless steel design. The unit is completely portable and removes in seconds.* Lifting Capacity 300 lbs* Operation - Hydraulic-powered with a self-contained nitro tech plated ram. Outward pumping action of ram handle will raise unit. Pushing of handle against ram body will lower unit.* Range of motion - 62” lifting/lowering range. 360-degree rotation. (Shipped Freight)  Price: $2,749.00 US / $3,579.00 CAD.  Anchor in addition.
















































































Splash Aquatic Lift & anchor- A removable deck mounted aquatic lift. Used with existing deck anchors or easily installed with any standard anchor. Provides 360 degree turning radius for safe transfers away from pool edge. Does not impede swim lanes. Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery, which powers a mechanical actuator. No need for water pressure to run unit.  Price: $6,369.00 US / Price: $8,279.00 Canadian.








































































Gallatin - formerly Pintlar/Swim-Lift 325 (ADA Compliant) - Designed to meet ‘all’ new requirements for ADA compliance. Price:$6,599.00 US / $8,579.00 CAD.

















































































PAL Portable Aquatic Lift - Completely portable, requires no mounting to the pool deck. Perfect solution for facilities with multiple pools. It can be set up anywhere along the pool deck and put away when not in use. Features a 24-volt rechargeable battery, which powers a mechanical actuator. Can be operated by either the user or an attendant. It provides a 300 lb lifting capacity and a 240 degree turning radius.

Price: $8,999.00 US / $11,699.00 Canadian.  PAL Pool Lift 2   $7,219.00 US/ $9,399.00 Canadian.









































The multiLift is a flanged pool lift that is a snap to install! The Wheel-A-Way™ option provides flexibility to remove the lift for seasonal storage. Right or left side mounting means less to think about when selecting a pool lift location on the deck. The multiLift comes standard with our LiftOperator® Intelligent Control System.

Price: $3,879.00 US / $4,999.00 Canadian.  Anchor in addition. 

AXS Pool Lift

The aXs lift is the perfect lift for simple pool designs, where its low profile and attractive appearance make swimming pool access easy. The aXs lift meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG 2010) and has a 300 pound lifting capacity. The aXs lift installs into your pool deck via locking anchor. 360° rotation ensures a safe transfer area. Price: $4,099.00 US / 5,349.00 Canadian.  Anchor in addition. 

The Ranger 2 Pool Lift

The Ranger Pool Lift is an economical, third party verified ADA compliant lift which upholds Aqua Creek’s standards for durability and reliability.
The Ranger features a 350 pound weight capacity while maintaining a sleek, low profile design. This lift is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel swimming pools. It is also a great economical choice for backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence. It is designed to be independently operated by the user, allowing the individual full control of the lift with an easy 2 button remote.
The Ranger offers additional anchor set backs to accommodate a variety of pool deck situations. A reverse configuration is also available for individuals who need to transfer from the right instead of the left side. Price $2,999.00 US  / $3,799.00 Canadian.  Anchor in addition.

The Portable Pro Pool Lift. 2

The Portable Pro Pool Lift features a completely portable design, eliminating the need for anchors. The compact frame allows the lift to be transported from or around the pool area with ease. Simply wheel the lift to the poolside, quickly deploy and it’s ready to use.

Its stainless steel construction allows the Portable Pro Pool lift a 350 pound weight capacity. As with all Aqua Creek pool lifts, the Portable Pro Pool has a durable powder coat finish.

The use of flip-up armrests makes lateral transfers easy. An easy to use, 2 button, water resistant handset gives the user full independence when using the lift. For additional comfort and security, the lift comes standard with an adjustable footrest and lap belt.

Its exceptional mobility and aesthetics make the Portable Pro Pool one of Aqua Creek’s most popular lifts!


  • 350 lb. (160 kg) weight capacity

  • Max setback of 12″ (30 cm)

  • Max water draft 11″ (28 cm)

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Flip-up armrests

  • Water resistant handset

  • Adjustable footrest & lap belt

  • Wheeled transport cart with counter weights

  • Rechargeable battery with wall mount charger

  • Five year pro-rated electronics warranty

  • Five year structural warranty



Price: $7,899.00 US / Price: $10,299.00 Canadian

The Patriot Lift. DISCONTINUED

The Patriot lift is the only completely portable aquatic lift independently verified to meet ADA guidelines. This lift is capable of lifting 375 pounds and remains the highest weight capacity portable lift on the market.
We have recently improved the design on this popular portable lift. Now standard the Patriot will accommodate most deep draft pools. This allows the lift to be used with up to a 12” water draft.
When deployed and ready for use, the lift features a specifically designed seat allowing for the easiest lateral transfer from most wheelchairs, giving full freedom of access to the individual.
This lift is counter-weighted using a sand ballast system. Sand can be sourced locally, saving substantial freight costs.
Our FIXING KIT (included) secures the lift in place, allowing for FULL ADA COMPLIANCE. The AT design provides a more compact lift and also gives it additional set back range, giving it the ability to accommodate more gutter variations.

The Ambassador Pool Lift. Price: $4,299.00 US/ Price: $5,499.00 Canadian. Anchor in addition.

Developed from Aqua Creek’s Original Pro Pool Lift, the Ambassador is a great option for clearing wide gutters and spa benches. This extended reach feature is for partially raised pool walls and wide curbs, making this lift ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas.
Highlights of the Ambassador include a 350 pound weight capacity, higher seat for easier wheelchair transfers and an increased setback of up to 38 inches. This extended reach pool lift comes as a standard deep draft and is also available in a reverse configuration.

The Scout Excel Lift. Price: $5,275.00 US / Price: 5,749.00 Canadian. Anchor in addition.

The Revolution Lift. Price: $8,399.00 US/ Price: $10,999.00 Canadian. Anchor in addition

The Revolution pool lift is our most versatile lift and able to accommodate individuals up to 500 pounds. The available accessories for this lift make the Revolution and ideal choice for hospitals or rehabilitation centers.
Like all Aqua Creek ADA verified lifts, the Revolution is designed to be self-operated by the individual user. With easy to use 4 button remote, the user is able to control all movement and enjoy a fully independent aquatic experience.
The Revolution rotates a full 360 degrees in either direction providing versatility and access solutions.








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